About StreetWise

StreetWise is an exclusive suite of programs for foodservice operators and distributor sales representatives.  StreetWise delivers two primary benefits:


  • Fast, simple, convenient and rewarding training for DSRs (distributor sales reps) and buyers to learn about foodservice products they offer to their operator customers.  StreetWise offers short product training videos 24/7 from leading food brands that, in many cases, also provide small cash rewards to participants when they complete the training. The video-based lessons take about five minutes to complete and also can include downloadable point of sale materials, presentations and other resources a DSR might need during a sales call.
  • Valuable services and discount programs for foodservice operators.  Everything from cost-effective menu design and email marketing campaigns to equipment purchase discounts, a simple online order entry system and exclusive rebates and promotions are offered through StreetWise.


DSRs / Distributors:  Product knowledge is critical when DSRs are helping operator customers develop new menu ideas or trying to solve a problem within a foodservice operation.   Independent operators regularly look to their foodservice distributor representative for recommendations.  But with the number of product options growing every day, DSRs must be constantly learning to provide the best advice possible to operators.  StreetWise makes learning easier, faster and fun by being online 24/7 so DSRs can study at their convenience.


Suppliers: StreetWise also helps gather real-time market research on how to improve sales about a particular product through a short DSR survey prior to the training. A brief quiz follows the video lesson that generates detailed reports for suppliers on how well a DSR learned about the product. And, finally, Legacy Foodservice Alliance will produce extremely affordable training videos for suppliers that can be used in StreetWise as well for any other purpose outside of Legacy.


Operators:  Earn quarterly rebates automatically by simply purchasing eligible products under the StreetWise program. More than 850 national and regional suppliers participate in the rebate program.  Independent operators earn, on average, $4,000 on Pepsi beverage products through quarterly rebates, free equipment and other free or discounted services.


StreetWise also offers a simple online system so operators can accept orders online.  In addition, a simple effective email marketing system can be deployed by operators to drive patron loyalty, promotions and other communications.  Menu design, credit card processing, graphic and packaging design also are available through StreetWise.